When If and Else Don't Cut It - The Quest for Clarity and Expressive Power

"This is too abstract. I would rather use if/else". This is great. Except when it isn't. Do you ever get lost in the cobweb of complexity, and struggle to express your intents clearly with only if/else, the more of them the worse? Do you seek clarity in programming, but finding that you may need new primitives, and don't know if they exist?

    Welcome, friends. It's time to equip yourself with some more power, of the expressive kind.

    Together, we'll go over these topics (and more), to conquer the insanities, and to gain the expressive power we hunger for.

    - declare and assign conditionally
    - sequential and implied ordering
    - repetition and nesting with patterns
    - distant and massive branching
    - for/while for aggregation: join an array
    - conditional collection: push to an array
    - eye the purposes: separate "produce" and "consume"
    - it's the data, dummy! not code!
    - the grand finale: modern state management in one word [xxxxx], and world dominance thereafter :-)

    Let's re-think how to structure code, put that into action, and blow some minds.

    Notes and comments:
    It's a ready-made workshop to address wide-spread pain-points of intermediate / experienced developers.

    Hackle Wayne
    Experienced OO programmer turned functional advocate, Xero

    A veteran in the trade, Hackle enjoys programming as a thinking game. He advocates programming functionally while trying to share his learnings in ways that are pragmatic, idiomatic and accessible.

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