Windows Internals crash course for developers and researchers

The Windows Internals workshop provides a unique opportunity to learn the foundations of the Windows OS, digging into processes, jobs, virtual memory, I/O, services and more.

    The workshop includes hands on exercises to try things out using internals tools and/or coding, depending on your preference. At the end of the workshop you will have a much greater and deeper understanding of Windows that can help you be a better developer, troubleshoot issues more easily and have better ideas where to focus your research.

    Who should attend
    Developers. power QA and IT Admin, security researchers that want to gain a deeper understanding of Windows.

    Basic familiarity with some concepts such as processes, threads and DLLs is needed as well as basic knowledge of the C language.

    Computer Setup

    • Windows 10 (latest version preferred but any version will do) or Windows 7 (less recommended)
    • Sysinternals Tools (
    • Debugging tools for Windows (from the Windows 10 SDK installation)
    Pavel Yosifovich

    Pavel Yosifovich is a developer, trainer, author and speaker. He's the co-author of "Windows Internals 7th ed. Part 1" (2017) and "WPF 4.5 Cookbook" (2012). He's also a Pluralsight author. Pavel has created several open source tools on available on Github ( He can be reached via his blogs or email

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